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7.2.14 Announcing Andy's New YouTube Channel and Video Series
Andy has just launched a new YouTube Channel, AndyLovesMusic. His new series, Creating The Single debuts today! The series will cover all aspects of songwriting, recording and producing professional music.

6.21.14 Sleep In Climbing in iTunes!
Just 24 hours from its release, Epic Fail's first single, Sleep In has reached a full bar of popularity on iTunes.

6.17.14 Welcome Andy's new sponsor, ScreaminFX!
Andy is proud to announce his new sponsor, ScreaminFX! ScreaminFX makes analog effects pedals, and are just about all Andy will have on his pedalboard. He won't stop talking about them. Help us welcome and thank them with a visit to

6.9.14 Release dates for Epic Fail are set, first single drops 6.20.14!
The release dates for Andy's new record, "Epic Fail", have just been announced. The record will be released on October 3, 2014. The first single from the EP, "Sleep In" will be released on Friday, June 20.

5.27.14 New record almost here!
Andy's new record is set to launch, and he couldn't be happier. It's called "Epic Fail", and it's a bluesy, boozy, beatboxin', country gas. More details soon!

3.20.14 Andy on ABC's Nashville
Andy's been doing a bunch of stuff in Nashville, including acting in TV's and film. Check him out in the DJ party scene of Nashville, Season 2, ep. 7. Here:,p25,d0

Coming 10.03.14 - Epic Fail

The new record from Andy Schneider, "Epic Fail", is set to be released on October 3, 2014.

The first single, "Sleep In", will be available in stores on Friday, June 20.

Epic Fail is a bold collection of songs with a new vision of what Country music can be. Andy describes his music as electro-traditional and Epic Fail reflects that. Andy describes his style, "I grew up listening to Merle and Willie, but also Prince and Nirvana. I grew up in the country, but the days of fiddle-parties were over. Today, life as a country-person looks more like that of a city-person because we've all been brought together by technology. I think Country music should reflect that. Should sound like life in the country in 2014."